Each event is different but they are usually a few hours long, so plenty of time to make lots of exciting contacts and have fun!
It all started with a simple idea : ‘let’s meet the online world offline.
Food bloggers, food writers, and digital media influencers were invited to test the culinary delicacies prepared by our chefs!
They communicate their views to the public and to consumers, who themselves are increasingly passionate about food, nutrition, international cuisines, and new trends!


Open everyday 7:30 to 02:00

The flavour of Brands by Boulevard Café, If you are part of the Bucharest elite, you must be excited to discover that Boulevard Café is among the most appreciated bistros. We put a lot of effort into providing the best for our customers. So, whether it's a business meeting, dinner with friends or just a night out, we make sure you have a really great time. We aim to please! :) We invite you to learn more, follow our page and feel free contact us.

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