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Always positive, always smiling and always profesional!
They are people on a special mission to deliver exceptional Extra Thanghtful Care!
Our waitress are so nice and kind and they bring you food so quickly, the way they smile at you it's so lovely! 
Our chefs and bartenders truly love what they do, and they want to share this passion for food and drinks with even our smallest gust!


Marian will most likely be one of the first friendly faces to greet you when you enter Boulevard Cafe.
Family inspired his career in the restaurant industry. 
Growing up Bucharest, many of his relatives worked in restaurants and seeing them enjoy their work inspired his passion for working in the industry


Catalin M. - BAR MANAGER -  

Catalin  feel in love with bartending as a way to supplement other artistic pursuits in his life, but quickly found the interactions he made behind the bar.
His love for service, travel, and new culinary trends means you will be in for drink that takes you on a unique flavor journey, not to mention looks beautiful.


Alexandru puts a magic touch on everything he creates, he takes each ingredient into consideration when she build plates.
He have embraced the fresh food from scratch concept and enjoy working with fresh produce, creating varied, nutritious and healthy dishes on a daily basis.

Mihai P. - WAITER 

Marian is the newest addition to our team.
Nine years of experience include spending time at some of the premier restaurants in Romania.
Always with the smile on he lips he interacts with dozens of clients every day. 

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